Jasmine – “Being different is what makes us human”

We interviewed Mude Threads founder Jasmine about her thoughts on the over sexualisation of the female form and how she overcame the emotions of being reduced to her biggest, physical insecurity. 
Age: 21
Nationality: British
Profession: Student and founder of Mude Threads
Ararose Dress Size: Small
What does empowerment mean to you?
Empowerment means breaking the norms and experimenting with my identity. From an early age I’ve been over-sexualised because of my unusually large E-cup breasts on a size small figure. I realised I had the power to push out of the suffocating box that the male gaze and even the media had put me in. I started pushing the boundaries of what I found empowering instead of what society found sexy. Empowerment to me was when I felt more confident with a quirky pixie cut and baggy second-hand jeans than I ever had subscribing to the assumed attractive female ‘look’!
What is your favourite part of your body?
I really love my back dimples just above my bum, which have only appeared since putting on some weight after a year of French wine and cheese feasting!
 What is your favourite quality about your personality?
I’m hard-headed and determined. If I want something to happen, I’ll make it happen. If I have a point of view, I’ll make sure you know it..oops.
When you were growing up, can you remember becoming aware of what you looked like? Were you influenced by anything in particular?
I’m a twin so we’ve always been compared on the trivial things and on the deepest insecurities we both have. For me, I became aware of how I looked when an ex-partner referred to me as “the one with the tits”. Never before had I taken an interest in how others perceived me, until I realised I was being reduced to my greatest physical insecurity. I understood that it was easier for people to refer to me based on my looks than on my personality or qualities. It hurt. I became transfixed on changing my breast size; researching breast reduction options and investing in the best minimiser bras. I desperately wanted to be the funny twin, or the clever twin or the pretty twin but without my consent I’d fallen into a category of sexualisation just because of my body-type.
 What advice would you give to your 12 year old self?
Being different is what makes us human. Don’t wish away your uniqueness in the hope of becoming like everyone else. Roll with ‘you’!
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What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Embroidering nakedness! I’ve always had a huge appreciation for the female form in an artistic sense. The curves and diversity of women’s bodies amaze me every time I draw them. I’ve recently started translating these line drawings into hand embroidered pieces of art, on tees, totes and cushion covers. I can happily spend hours with my embroidery hoop on my self-motivated funny and quirky feminist mission to celebrate the female form beyond sexualisation!
What advice would you like to give to other girls?
Every time you are made to feel inadequate physically, instead of spending copious amounts of time working on ‘fixing’ it, shove a big two fingers up to society and work on bettering yourself mentally. Make yourself beautiful, empowered and interesting internally and it will flow through you physically! We’re all guilty of spending so much time painfully scrolling through Instagram model pics and figuring out how we could possibly become more “attractive”. I wish someone had told me sooner that an “attractive” girl is someone who has quirky interests and badass points of view.

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Check out Jasmine’s amazing designs: www.mudethreads.com

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