Nithiyaa – “Continue to love art, and not to be sad when you lose people”

We interviewed Ararose model Nithiyaa to share the stories behind the beautiful photos you see online. Read about her thoughts of beauty and female empowerment.
Age: 19
Nationality: Malaysian/Thai/Indian
Profession: Student
Ararose Dress size: Large
What aspect of your personality do you like best?
My favourite qualities about my personality are that I am bubbly, understanding, and outgoing. I like how I try to understand everyone’s feelings and put myself in their shoes to understand the reason why they are feeling that way. I also like being bubbly because happiness is my accessory! Who would like it if you present yourself with a sad face?
What parts of your body do you love the most?
My favourite part of my body is my teeth and my eyes.
Growing up, did you find you became self conscious of your appearance? Were you influenced by anyone in particular?
I was aware of what I looked like and I was mostly fine with it. But growing up I did have the mindset of comparing myself to my friends…like why didn’t I have softer hair or longer legs? I’ve come to realize that everyone is different and I learnt that I wasn’t the only one with insecurities. Growing up I was influenced by my mom. What she liked, I liked as well.
Do you look up to anyone?
I look up to my dad and Robert Downey Jr! I see my dad as a great role model because he’s a very independent yet responsible, and he supports my family and his parents as well. Even though he is one out of seven siblings, he has a kind heart and he helps his siblings whenever they need him. I also adore how he takes care of his employees.
Robert Downey Jr is an actor I look up to once I learnt about his past, and how he has become so successful now. It taught that I should not give up no matter what background we come from.
What advice would you give to your 12 year old self?
I would advise my younger self not to try to fit in. I would tell myself to continue to love art, and not to be sad when you lose people. And that I should eat healthier too!
What does female empowerment mean to you?
Women Empowerment means so much to me because we are being seen as the weaker gender and I would love it if we changed that. I feel like us women should have more opportunities and we should be given chances to many things. As a female, I don’t think we be taken lightly.
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